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I work as a reporter for a local newspaper -- a job I've had for nearly seven years now. In my spare time, I work on one of three fiction novels that I hope to have published at some point.

I've always been a fan of straitjackets since I was a little kid. However, it was a certain episode of Melrose Place that I saw a few minutes of while visiting a friend of mine that really made me realize how much I liked straitjackets. Seeing one used in Clarissa Explains it All only cemented my love.

I started writing these stories as a way to help gain inspiration for my other work and they sort of developed into their own beast. They're quick and dirty with little editing, but I hope they're good enough for the community to enjoy.

Current Residence: Oklahoma
Favourite genre of music: Rock
A new story on my profile? Holy crap.

Yeah, it's been a while. After Part 5 got deleted, I sort of got discouraged. I get no real emotion out of these stories -- one way or another -- so when someone reported it as "porn" and it was ultimately deleted, I was like "whatever" and moved onto other things. I actually went back and rewrote that entry, and sort of turned it into a quasi-Part 6 just by skipping ahead a few months. I was going to put it up earlier this year, but obviously didn't.

That's because I reconnected with an old, old friend that I haven't talked to in probably eight years. She was always like a sister to me, so when we began talking again and catching it up, it was great. One night after we had both had too much to drink, she told me about how five years ago, she was committed to a mental institution for a 72-hour holding period. She had  a hard life growing up with some abusive parents didn't have the best luck with guys, to say the least. It all culminated in a breakdown because no one was there for her. Instead of her friends taking responsibility and helping her out, she was committed. It was not unlike the story that I was writing, except with a much less interesting outcome. The more she talked about what really happened, I felt guilty about writing these stories. Obviously, I knew the things I wrote had nothing to do with real life. But I just felt dirty writing these stories about this girl enjoying her time in a hospital due to being bound tightly in medical restraints, when it's obviously nothing like that in these places. They're truly hell holes, and we should be absolutely ashamed of what we do to our mentally ill. We should even more ashamed that many of the people kept in these institutions aren't even ill. Like my friend, they're just people that need a break and need a friend or family member there for support. Talking with her really opened my eyes, and I've since stopped writing anything on Elizabeth's story, at least for now.

Who knows? Perhaps in a couple months, I'll go back to that other story and finish it up. Like I said, I have the next part already written. I just don't know if I want to upload it for right now. In the meantime, I have another story that, while it has a much more generic premise, I still think could be good. Sorry for the long hiatus. Not sure how long it will be until my next story, however. Work is swamped and I'm really trying to finish at least one of my three novels. Thanks again for all the support and I hope you guys enjoy the new one.

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At your jornal page, you talking about your friend and her asylum experiences... can you say to me, if they still use medical restraints in that institutions?

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